Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Saving the Democratic Party 

Joe Trippi gives his opinion on how to "save" the party. Here's two of them:

(1) Democrats can't keep ignoring their base. Running to the middle and
then asking our base to make sure to vote isn't a plan. And to those who say
talking to your base doesn't work -- Read the Rove 2004 playbook!

(2) Finally, what is the purpose the party strives for today? What are our
goals for the nation? You couldn't tell from the election. Very few good ideas
come from the middle, and they tend to be mediocre. Consultants have become
adept at keeping candidates in that safe zone. But the time has come to develop
bold ideas and challenge people to sacrifice for the common good. Experts will
tell you that you can't ask the American people to sacrifice individually for
the common good. Those experts are wrong -- it's just been so long since anyone
has asked them.

This guy is facking brilliant, and were it not for all those Northern Democrat slobs, we might have a Democrat in the White House. The link to the full article here.

Chomsky on the '04 Elections 

To paraphrase would be a crime.



Friday, November 26, 2004

The People's Party 

Successfully propagandized Common Man: "I vote Republican because they represent the common man, not some special interest."


The top-giving corporate political action committees did not hedge their bets in the fall elections despite the narrow division between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. They favored Republican candidates 10 to 1.

Of 268 corporate PAC's that donated $100,000 or more to presidential and Congressional candidates from January 2003 through the middle of last month, 245 gave the majority of their contributions to Republicans, according to an analysis released Wednesday by Political Money
Line, a nonpartisan campaign finance tracking service.

Article here (via NYtimes)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Nothing Succeeds Like Scum 

From newly linked MaxSpeak:"Instead of the comforting rationale that merit breeds success and the successful have merit, a more rational approach would be to speculate that in our society wealth and power tend to accrue to those who are ruthless, cunning, avaricious, self-seeking, lacking in sympathy and compassion, subservient to authority and willing to abandon principle for material gain."
-- Noam Chomsky

Northern Democrats & a River In Egypt 

Daily Kos is Ground Zero for hard-core Democrats on the web (notice how I don't say "liberals"). I've never cared much for his blog because it is largely insight-free. Like reading a talking points memo from the DNC, all fluff no filler. It reminds me of the Iowa housewife who tried to be Karl Rove by nominating John Kerry.

Here's the most recent example...Kos exemplifies the ignorance of the party in his post "Conclusions I just Don't Buy". He doesn't "buy": (1) Democrats must nominate a Southerner, (2) Democrats must win at least some Southern states, (3) we lost on "values".

This is what infuriates me about the DNC. It is controlled by Northern Democrats who still refuse to believe that they need the South to win. The South is the ruling region; deal with it. Kos needs to pull his head out of his Northern ass and wake up. Throwing a symbolic bone to the "hicks" in the South by nominating John Edwards just isn't enough. We're not all dumb, we're not all racists, we're not all bigots. You all aren't all smart, egalitarian, and fair. You must nominate a Southerner and you must win Southern states.

As for the values part -- who cares whether it is true or not, it is entrenched in the Public Opinion. I say spin it. Yes, we lost because we stood up for gays and women's rights. Why not add in that we stood up for the working and middle class too.

Monday, November 08, 2004

We're Winning! 

Public Opinion: The reason George Bush won the election of 2004 is because a bunch of Evangelical right-wing nut jobs went to the polls. You know, they voted solely on the basis of "morality/values".

Reality: Many, many morons went to the polls to vote for George II, and they did it for many, many reasons (all embarrassingly stupid and all circled around the central reason = ignorance). But, the media won't say that, so it's best we seize upon another reason which acts as a proxy for being a moron. That proxy is morals.

As I, and many others, were lamenting the loss and the left-wing's apparent inability to propagandize as effectively as the right we were missing the boat. The spin had materialized right before our very eyes -- only morons who hate gays voted for George II.

It's beautiful when you think about it. Right now, the left is playing the right-wing's Public Opinion game and we're beating them handily. As we all know, reality is nothing and perception is everything. It makes no difference why people voted for George II, it only matters what Public Opinion is. Right now, Public Opinion says people voted for George II because they're gay haters. I say, so be it. And I for one intend to trumpet that Public Opinion for as long as I can get away with it. The result? George II voters (all 59,000,000 of them) will be ashamed to admit they voted for him -- because "I'm not a gay-hating bigot." Facking beautful.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Wishful Thinking 

I admit it. I was the victim of wishful thinking.

Many, many, many months ago I adamantly proclaimed John Kerry a loser. I held that belief until very, very recently. A victim of wishful thinking.

I hoped Americans were smarter than I know them to be.

I hoped Americans knew more about history.

I hoped Americans were better socialized and didn't fear or hate one another (and the rest of the world).

I hoped that the majority of us weren't ignorant. I knew better, and I assure you that it won't happen again.

Ripped from the Comments 

Quote of the day:
God this would be so much easier if you weren't arguing against something I
didn't say. You do this so often. Something I say reminds you of something
you heard before, and you confuse the two. Instead of arguing against what I
said, you attribute what you heard before to me and argue against that. I makes
it impossible to have any semblence of an argument. I have to spend more time
explaining what I said and didn't say, than making my argument. What a waste.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

No Subject 

I'm at a complete loss for words today -- feel like I'm walking around in a cloud.

It will take me a few days to get my thoughts together, but here's two possible takes:

(1) I'm moving to Canada. The people in this country are fucking morons. Morons. They deserve all that they shall receive for their ignorance.

(2) Perhaps we will witness the reinvention of the Democratic party -- the next big idea will be ours.

FLASHBACK: From our archives: This and this.

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