Thursday, April 29, 2004


Today -- Mr. Bush chuckled at the suggestion that he and Mr. Cheney had chosen to be interviewed together so they could prop each other up or prevent discrepancies in their answers. "If we had something to hide, we wouldn't have met with them in the first place," he said.

Then -- "Bush ... initially opposed creation of the independent commission, had earlier insisted he would meet only with the panel's chairman and vice chairman for just one hour."

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

History or Hate? 

I am compelled to post anything about Athens, Ga that appears in the New York Times. (link here, sorry Ober)

The T.R.R. Cobb house is coming home to Athens. What's the problem?
Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb, the man who lived there until his death at the Battle of Fredericksburg, is not a universally beloved figure. A pious, scholarly man who helped establish the University of Georgia Law School and a local finishing school for girls, Cobb also wrote the Georgia legal code, a model for other states across the nation.

But Cobb is perhaps best known as a militant secessionist, a framer of the Confederate Constitution and one of the nation's most vociferous advocates of slavery. Excerpts from his "Law of Negro Slavery," a detailed defense of human chattel, are often required reading in social studies classes across the country.
Facinating article. Especially the part where they call Athens "the Berkeley of the South." (I couldn't agree more -- I'm coming home baby).

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Morons Do Movie Reviews Too 

Thought the idiots only worked in news? Sorry, it's universal in American media. Equate the US with "bad countries" = shitty review. Simple as that.

Drive-by anal cavity searches -- Finally! 

Don't go driving through Manalpan, Florida:(via ABC)

Police Chief Clay Walker said cameras will take infrared photos recording a car's tag number, then software will automatically run the numbers through law enforcement databases. A 911 dispatcher is alerted if the car is stolen or is the subject of a "be on the lookout" warning. [translation = black or arab]

Next to the tag number, police will have a picture of the driver, taken with another set of cameras upgraded versions of the standard surveillance cameras already in place.


"Courts have ruled that in a public area, you have no expectation of privacy," said Walker, one of 11 sworn officers who protects Manalapan's 321 residents. [insert: "And I'm going to make sure that the justices of the Supreme Court get their utopian wish."]
I honestly have nothing else to say. Res Ipsa.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Florida School rents out students for profit 

Nice work Florida. No matter, this won't make many headlines.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Audio of Oral Arguments in Supreme Court for Guantanamo Prisoners 


Columbine "reasons" debate continues 

According to the FBI (via slate):
"[Harris was] disgusted with the morons around him. These are not the rantings of an angry young man, picked on by jocks until he's not going to take it anymore. These are the rantings of someone with a messianic-grade superiority complex, out to punish the entire human race for its appalling inferiority. It may look like hate, but "It's more about demeaning other people," says Hare."
Seems to me Harris shares characteristics with most bloggers.

In Praise of the War on Terror -- the Lynne Stewart story continues 

The "Face" of Terra! Here she is folks, the threat to your safety (click on the "enlarge picture" link, she's the second one from the left). Terrifying right?

In a totally unrelated story, here's what the government has been, and is, trying to do to her.

Thank God we've got those increased powers about monitoring attorney's conversations with clients. Thank God we're getting serious about fighting "terra." This woman frightens me.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Georgia trashes Constitution in preparation for G-8 Summit 

I'm getting homesick reading about this one.
"Thousands of anti-globalization protesters are expected June 8-10 when President Bush hosts the leaders of Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Canada and Russia on secluded Sea Island.

Brunswick, Savannah and surrounding counties have passed ordinances governing protest permits. The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue, saying the laws "place impermissible limits on free speech."
C'mon Kop, this is your neck of the woods. Why I gotta cover this shit from NY?

Quid Pro Quo for Libya looms 

As Hannibal from the A-Team would say: I love it when a plan comes together. The US is hooking Libya up, as promised.

(read previous predictions on this matter "politics makes strange bedfellows" and "beware the manure", and "The Libya Lie -- continued").

Study says "Thousands" of people in US Prisons today are 100% innocent 

Kudos for the "best judicial system in the world." Nice work jury system. Maybe those jury reform big corporations are on to something after all.

Kevin Spacey admits trying to pay kid to give him head 

Or at least that's what I get out of this story.

Walking his dog at 4am? Sure.

For the "who gives a fuck" file 

Tom Brokaw will soon be off the air. Some other dickwad will take his spot -- so don't worry -- you will not be left wondering what to think.

Don't you just love it when the "newsmakers" become the news? These jerks make the rounds on those talking heads debate shows and give their opinions like they're in the know. I'm always so disappointed by the lack of insight and perspective they have.

Oh well, so passeth another moron.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Any Neal Boortz Fans Out There? 

I hope not. This guy is a fucking moron. Just take a look at his attempts to "debunk" Howard Dean's assertions.

During the final moments of my show preparation this morning I happened to catch Howard Dean on CNN promoting the candidacy of John Kerry. Dean went into this rant about George Bush that was, to say the least, incredible. Incredible because I haven't heard a politician cram so many lies into so little time in quite a while.

Dean said the president was not telling the truth when he said:

"There was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, which was not true."
In fact, it was true. Those connections have now been proven.

"That Saddam Hussein had something to do with terrorism, which was not true."
Come on, Howard. Saddam was making a big deal of writing checks to the families of suicide bombers. He was harboring terrorists in Baghdad. Ever heard of Abu Nidal?

"When he said in the State of the Union that Iraq was purchasing uranium from Africa, which was not true."
George Bush never made that statement. Dean is lying, and he knows he's lying. Why didn't the CNN interviewer call him on this?

"When the Vice President said that in Iraq they are accumulating nuclear weapons, which was not true."
I can find no instance where Cheney said that Iraq was accumulating nuclear weapons, only that Saddam was attempting to do so.
Every one of Boortz's claims is flat out false, yet he'll spit this poop over the airwaves of the Atlanta area today.

Searches, Searches Everywhere 

FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance) warrants are up being issued at an 85% increase.

Congratulations to the FBI and CIA (might be time for another of Ranja's songs)!

Note that, of the thousands of these super-powerful warrants applied for -- only ONE, that's right ONE was denied by the FISA court (leading to a direct appeal to the FISA appellate court which had never met prior to the appeal). I suggested that the warrant which was denied was likely the UN bugging/tapping of Kofi Annan's and Hans Blix's offices. We'll likely never know.

Anyway, the FBI is having so many of the FISA warrants approved that it can't find enough men to actually do the invasions of privacy! America, got to love it.

Atrios the treasonous 

Atrios has an interesting post up today.

I share his suspicion about Wellstone's death (note also, that Ashcroft's opponent died similarly -- yet 'ole John still lost).

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Kenneth Starr 

I can attest:
Starr is perpetually courteous. He shared tips about how to argue a case at the Supreme Court when he met Michael Newdow, the California atheist who argued last month that the Pledge of Allegiance and its reference to God is unconstitutional in public schools. Starr is representing the mother of Newdow's daughter, a Christian who wants the pledge preserved.

``I try to treat absolutely every person who I meet or encounter with complete dignity and complete respect. And when I don't, I feel very ashamed of myself,'' he said.
Via the AP. I expected to hate this guy. But, instead I ended up loving him. He's fucking awesome.

The Triumph of Captain Yee 

(to be celebrated on the back pages of a major news outlet near you -- Just try to find any mention of this in the major media outlets. I had to go here.)

Captain Yee appealed and actually had his ridiculous, face-saving, convictions reversed!
The U.S. military on Wednesday dismissed the convictions against a Muslim Army chaplain who was initially suspected of espionage at the Guantanamo prison camp but was found guilty only on lesser, sex-related charges.

The appellate decision by Army Gen. James Hill, the Southern Command chief who oversees U.S. military operations at Guantanamo, wipes the slate clean for Capt. James Yee, who had been assigned to minister to prisoners at the base in Cuba.


His decision put an end to what one of Yee's lawyers called a "hoax" case against the chaplain.

Yee, 36, was found guilty in March of noncriminal charges of committing adultery and storing pornography on a government computer. He ministered for 10 months to foreign terrorism suspects held at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
You might remember that Captain Yee was originally splashed all over the national headlines ala Richard Jewel -- leading to calls for greater review of muslims in the military.
Yee was arrested on suspicion of espionage in September and faced six criminal charges that included mishandling classified information at Guantanamo. Court documents accused him of spying, mutiny, sedition and aiding the enemy and he was held in solitary confinement in a military brig for 76 days.
Before his humiliations, Yee was held out by the military in advertisments as PROOF that the US military did not discriminate against muslims, and that the war on "terra" was not a war against Islam. Kind of like white America used to hold out OJ Simpson as proof that the US wasn't racist.

C'mon kids, sound off. Isn't anyone even remotely excited about this???????

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Howard Zinn on Iraq 

Via Common Dreams:
A final lesson from past and present: The American public cannot depend on our much overrated system of "checks and balances" to prevent a needless and costly war. Congress and the Supreme Court have proved to be no check for an executive branch hell-bent on combat. Only an aroused citizenry can provide the check on unbridled power that a democracy requires.

Chomsky's take 

Some good stuff up on Chomsky's blog today on Iraq. #1
The whole front-page controversy is, in my opinion, not only diversionary but a real tribute to the success of indoctrination. There is a simple point that seems obvious to Iraqis, but is unmentionable here in the mainstream: the conquest of Iraq, if successful, is a tremendous achievement for US power.

As pretext after pretext for the war has collapsed, commentators have had to scurry to take the next one seriously. The latest, after the collapse of all others, is that the US goal was to establish democracy in Iraq, indeed the whole Middle East. The assumption is taken for granted in news reporting, and accepted even by the harshest critics, who laud the noble vision but think it is beyond our means, etc. Only Iraqis seem to reject it; in recent polls, 1% of people in Baghdad think the US invaded to defend democracy, 5% to help Iraqis, while most of the rest assume that the goal was to take control of Iraq's resources and to reorganize the region for US power interests -- an option that is virtually inexpressible here, though it sounds pretty simple and obvious.

Surely Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc., understand the significance of obtaining the first secure military base in a dependable client state at the heart of the world's main energy reserves, a tremendous lever of world control. By any rational calculation, within their framework, that vastly outweighs the possibility that thousands of Americans might be killed by terror -- a prospect that has clearly been understood since 1993. We know perfectly well from other evidence that their priorities are ranked this way: the invasion of Iraq, for example, was expected to increase the threat of terror, and did. Therefore, it is only natural that they should have downgraded terror in favor of invading Iraq, from the start, and that Wolfowitz and the rest should have hounded the CIA to provide them with some shred of evidence -- WMD, connections with terror, whatever -- to use as a pretext for the real goal. The revelations of Clarke, the memos, etc., tell us virtually nothing that was not clear enough before. The hullabaloo about them derives primarily from our inability to say, even to think, what seems obvious to Iraqis -- for good reason.

Seems to me worth thinking about all of this rather carefully.

Chomsky on the Occupation: "It took real talent to fail." Find out why.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Am I really watching this... 

I have to hurry up and post something about Bush's Press Conference while it is happening -- otherwise the talking heads might convince me that he is not a complete fucking idiot.

It's like watching a very, very slow developing train wreck. Like a scared game, caught in the headlights of the oncoming taffic. Amazing.

But, what will be even more amazing is watching news programs treat his lame excuses seriously. I keep waiting for him to, in response to a question, turn tail and run (ala Dave Chapelle).

UPDATE: Tom Tommorrow agrees.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Air America 

Listen up.

Also permanently linked up on the right side.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

You've got some 'splaining to do 

I admit I just don't get it. I don't get the point of the 9/11 hearings. The rhetoric says they're doing this to be "better prepared" for a future attack -- if this were the case the hearing would look less adversarial; instead they look more like an inquisition.

I understand why Dems and "other" lefties (me included) enjoy making Condi squirm. I like dragging these smug fucks in front of the camera and making them explain themselves. It feels like vindication. But what are they explaining? What is vindicated?

I can't help but imaging that my satisfaction must be similar to the orgasmic delight felt by Republicans when 'ole Bill was impeached. "Now we've got ya you little prick!" In that same vein, I fear the Democrats will suffer a similar fate -- mounting a charge without a point and emboldening the target via a not guilty public opinion verdict.

I'm reminded of a t-shirt Brian Dille wore one day last year -- "The Athletic Team from my geographic area is superior to the athletic team from your geographic area."

So I say again: I don't get it.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Support for Rush Limbaugh Continues 

Violations of privacy are violations of privacy -- whether they violate the rights of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, or loud-mouthed right-wing talkshow host.

Fight on Rush (and personal hero Roy Black).

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Tax Code -- robbing Average Joe to pay Ken Lay 

I saw recently that the federal government had again indicted Irwin Schiff (the guy who claims individuals don't have to pay taxes).

Maybe he is right -- that is -- if you're a corporation. Turns out, while the US economy was "booming" and corporate profits soared to new levels --> 60% of corporations paid NO tax. That's right, zilch. Kind of blows that whole "free trade" shit we keep peddling to countries doesn't it? This is corporate welfare pure and simple. Via CNN.

Monday, April 05, 2004

That's Mr. President to you buddy! 

What a prick. Listen.

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